Corel Digital Studio

Corel Digital Studio 1.5

A program for viewing, playing, editing and organizing multimedia files

Corel Digital Studio is a multimedia suite that includes four different utilities: Corel PaintShop Photo 2010, Corel VideoStudio 2010, Corel DVD Factory 2010 and Corel WinDVD 2010. The applications can be opened using the desktop icons, the Start Menu or a gadget made available for accessing all four components from one single place.

Corel PaintShop Photo allows for pictures to be imported, edited, shared and used for creating new projects. Imports can be made from external devices, such as a scanner or a mobile phone. Where the editing options are concerned, effects and frames can be added, edges can be modified and basic adjustments (related to brightness, saturation, red eye effect removal) can be made. The number of effects and frames is quite small, however, there are interesting options available, such as to use picture tubes (several images on a certain theme can be added with a single tool). Cards, photo books, calendars or slide shows can be created with the selected pictures.

Corel VideoStudio provides an environment where images and videos can be organized and edited and music files can be played and organized into albums. Imports can be made from several devices, like webcams, mobile phones or camcorder memory or tapes. Basic editing options are covered, however, it seems that the user interface is oriented on elegance more than on functionality.

Corel DVD Factory enables burning DVDs along with associating menus to them. The menus can be created with a style of choice out of the predefined ones and the soundtracks can be customized. Aside from allowing imports from external devices to be made, it also allows users to copy items to such devices.

Finally, Corel Win DVD is a video file viewer. Videos can be played while making equalizer adjustments, adding audio effects (e.g., hall effect, echo) or adjusting color settings.

Corel Digital Studio has one main advantage, that of offering several pieces of software in one package. Viewing, editing and organizing multimedia files deal with respectively photos, videos and music files.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • The utility is actually a package including four different utilities for operating with multimedia files
  • Importing files from external devices and sharing items on social media are useful options
  • Though the editing options offered for pictures are not many, some are quite interesting


  • At times the user interface of VideoStudio seems to be focused on elegance more than on functionality
  • PaintShop Photo does not offer a large array of effects to be used in editing
  • Some processes are performed rather slowly
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